Registration for Art Maui 2014 is now closed. This page will be updated when information for the 2015 show is available.

You can still view the 2014 registration form to see what information we typically collect. The registration process, and what we do with the registration information, are described below for your reference.

What happens on Receiving Day

You will verify and sign a printed form filled in with the information you provide at registration. Your signature certifies that you understand the conditions for entering art work into Art Maui 2014, and that you meet those conditions. We keep the entry form and give you a copy as a receipt. You will need this receipt to pick up your work. At the bottom of the form are labels which you attach to the top right corner of the back of your work. Turn in the labeled work to one of the Receiving Day volunteers, who will bring it into the gallery.

Typically, around 400 artists submit work each year, so if you can pre-register AND pre-pay it will save a lot of time on Receiving Day for you and your fellow artists. In addition, if you pre-pay when you pre-register, you have the convenience of paying by credit card. To pay on Receiving Day, you must bring cash or check; we are unable to accept credit cards.

Required information and how it is used

The registration form provides us with information about you and your entries. Your name, address, at least one phone number, and information about your first piece are required information. Your name, together with the information about your entries, will be used in Art Maui materials should your work be selected by the juror for exhibition. Your telephone number is required in case we need to contact you for any reason about your entry. Although not required, we would also like you to provide a second phone number if you have one. Your email address will be used to send updates during the course of the show, and the announcement about next year’s show. Your mailing address is kept on file in the event our e-mailings do not reach you, and to send a postcard announcing the next year’s show dates. If your work is accepted, and you provide your website address, we’ll link to your website from the Art Maui website.

Important dates for registration

  • Online registration usually opens in January.
  • Online registration closes about two days before Receiving Day.
  • Receiving Day will be at the MACC from 9am to 5pm.